deathly meaning

Pronunciation:   "deathly" in a sentence
Adjective: deathly (deathlier,deathliest)  dethlee
  1. Having the physical appearance of death
    "a deathly pallor"
    - deathlike 
  2. Causing or capable of causing death
    - deadly, mortal
Adverb: deathly  dethlee
  1. To a degree resembling death
    "he was deathly pale"

Derived forms: deathlier, deathliest

See also: dead, death, fatal

Encyclopedia: Deathly

[American slang]
mod. excellent.
• Did you see Kelly's deathly new convertible?
• That's a deathly idea!


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  1. she turned a deathly shade of white when she heard the news.
  2. she saw him, how he was motionless and ageless, like some crouching idol, some image of a deathly religion.
  3. a shallow, greenish light slanted down through a veil of fog and snow upon a treeless, deathly rigid landscape.
  4. could the mirror be related to the deathly hallows
  5. the deadly / deathly silence filled the meeting-room

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