damage meaning

[ 'dæmidʒ ] Pronunciation:   "damage" in a sentence
Noun: damage  damij
  1. The occurrence of a change for the worse
    - harm, impairment 
  2. Loss of military equipment
    - equipment casualty 
  3. The act of damaging something or someone
    - harm, hurt, scathe 
  4. The amount of money needed to purchase something
    "how much is the damage?"
    - price, terms 
  5. Any harm or injury resulting from a violation of a legal right
    - wrong, legal injury
Verb: damage  damij
  1. Inflict damage upon
    "The snow damaged the roof"; "She damaged the car when she hit the tree" 
  2. Suffer or be susceptible to damage
    "These fine china cups damage easily"

Derived forms: damages, damaging, damaged

Type of: alter, alteration, casualty, change, change of integrity, cost, injury, modification, modify

Encyclopedia: Damage

[American slang]
n. the cost; the amount of the bill (for something).
• Okay, waiter. What's the damage?
• As soon as I pay the damage, we can go.

[British slang]
Noun. The cost, expense. E.g."What's the damage for the meal? Without the drinks!”

noun, verb



1 [U]

physical harm caused to sth which makes it less valuable or for which sb can claim money from an insurance company:

The storm didn't do much damage.

The cost of the damage is estimated at $30 million.

The policy covers the building for accidental damage.

The fire caused thousands of dollars' worth of damage to the buildings.

It is difficult to assess the extent of the damage at this stage.

❖ to cause/do damage (to sb/sth)

◆ to suffer damage

◆ to assess/prevent/repair damage

considerable/extensive/irreparable/permanent/serious/severe damage

accidental/environmental/structural damage

bomb/fire/flood/smoke/storm damage

2 [U]

harmful effects on sb/sth:

damage to a person's reputation

This could cause serious damage to the country's economy.

❖ to cause/do damage (to sb/sth)

inflict damage (on sb/sth)

◆ to suffer damage

◆ to assess/repair damage

considerable/irreparable/long-term/serious damage

financial/political damage

3 (Law ) damages [pl.]

money that a court orders a person, company, etc. to pay to sb, because they have caused them harm, injury or loss:

He was ordered to pay damages of €50 000.

The jury awarded the plaintiff $505 million in damages.

They brought a damages claim against the manufacturer.

She received €30 000 damages for personal injury.

❖ to be awarded/receive/recover/win damages

◆ to claim/seek for/sue damages

◆ a damages action/award/claim



Damage [U] refers to the harm that is done to something:

Did the fire cause much damage?

The fire caused terrible damages?

Damages [plural] has a different meaning. It refers to the money paid to someone as part of a legal case:

She is suing the company for damages.He was awarded damages of €100 000.

The word injury [C/U], not damage, is used to describe harm done to a person's body:

The driver suffered serious injuries.

The driver suffered serious damage

verb [+ obj]

to harm or spoil sb/sth:

The fire badly damaged the offices.

Investor confidence has been seriously damaged by the scandal.

Her strategies are damaging the company.

n. Loss or harm. Not all forms of damage give rise to a right of action; for example, an occupier of land must put up with a reasonable amount of noise from his neighbours (see NUISANCE), and the law generally gives no compensation to relatives of an accident victim for grief or sorrow, except in the limited statutory form of damages for bereavement (see FATAL ACCIDENTS). Damage for which there is no remedy in law is known as damnum sine injuria. Conversely, a legal wrong may not cause actual damage (injuria sine damno). If the wrong is actionable without proof of damage (such as trespass to land) and no damage has occurred, the claimant is entitled to nominal damages. Most torts, however, are only actionable if damage has been caused (see NEGLIGENCE). In Iibel and some forms of slander, damage to reputation is presumed.


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  1. the ship arrived with damage to bulwarks.
  2. a lot of crops were damaged by the frost.
  3. the honey fungus is perhaps most damaging.
  4. the damaged plane spiraled towards the earth.
  5. i estimate the damage at 8,000 yuan.

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