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  • Noun: damage limitation
    1. An effort to minimize or curtail damage or loss
      - damage control

    Derived forms: damage limitations

    Type of: control

  • [Business]
    especially in AmE) noun [U]

    the process of trying to limit the amount of damage that is caused by a particular event or situation:

    The company has become engaged in a frantic damage limitation exercise.

    Damage limitation action has been taken since the group reported heavy losses.


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  1. after the president's embarrassing remark, his staff had to stage an exercise in damage limitation
  2. The aim of damage limitation itself represents a sort of failure.
  3. Colin Powell's slow journey eastward is becoming an exercise in damage limitation.
  4. Ralf Schumacher managed seventh, calling the finish " damage limitation ."
  5. Clement VIII's grant of absolution therefore contains an element of damage limitation.

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