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Noun: damage control
  1. An effort to minimize or curtail damage or loss
    - damage limitation

Type of: control

Encyclopedia: Damage control

In naval usage, measures necessary aboard ship to preserve and reestablish watertight integrity, stability, maneuverability, and offensive power; to control list and trim; to effect rapid repairs of materiel; to limit the spread of and provide adequate protection from fire; to limit the spread of, remove the contamination by, and provide adequate protection from chemical, biological, and radiological agents; and to provide for care of wounded personnel.
See also area damage control; disaster control.


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  1. and the u . n . is in full damage control mode
  2. and the u . n . is in full damage control mode
  3. he's doing damage control, trying to keep this
  4. consideration on torrent damage control to guangdong province
  5. formation damage control reservoir protection

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