cuckoo flower meaning

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  • noun
    1. A plant (Cardamine pratensis) commonly found in damp pastures in Europe and America, with divided leaves and small lilac or white flowers, lady's smock
    2. Another name for ragged robin


  1. He named his daughter Cardamine, alluding to the scientific name of the cuckoo flower " Cardamine pratensis ".
  2. In the Cornish language, a bluebell is " bleujenn an gog ", literally " the cuckoo flower ".
  3. These include blue bugle, pink cuckoo flower, edible common sorrel, cowslip, the strange adder's tongue and the occasional orchid.
  4. This site of the bank of the River Cam has pasture with tortoiseshell and comma butterflies, and flowers such as cow parsley and cuckoo flowers.
  5. The larvae are well known for the self-generated foam nests, that can be observed in Spring in meadows ( especially on Cuckoo Flowers, " Cardamine pratensis " and broom, " Genista " species ).

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