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  • [Medicine]
    A form of ocular misalignment characterized by an excessive convergence of the visual axes,resulting in a cross-eye appearance. An example of this condition occurs when paralysis of the lateral rectus muscle causes an abnormal inward deviation of one eye on attempted gaze.
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  1. He was cross eyed, although he was not white.
  2. Bagheera and Frosty were both severely cross eyed.
  3. Exaggerated convergence is called " cross eyed viewing " ( focusing on the nose for example ).
  4. :: : : : Pardon my cross eyes ( really need to get to the optician, srsly ) but who posted the complaint?
  5. In Snap, teams had to find the Cross Eyed Moose Antiques store, and then on a wall near the store they would find eight antique photographs.

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