covered meaning

Pronunciation:   "covered" in a sentence
Adjective: covered  kúvurd
  1. Overlaid or spread or topped with or enclosed within something; sometimes used as a combining form
    "women with covered faces"; "covered wagons"; "a covered balcony"
Verb: cover  kúvu(r)
  1. Provide with a covering or cause to be covered
    "cover her face with a handkerchief"; "cover the child with a blanket"; "cover the grave with flowers" 
  2. Form a cover over
    "The grass covered the grave"

See also: ariled, arillate, awninged, beaded, blanketed, canopied, cloaked, clothed, coverage, covering, crusted, crustlike, crusty, dabbled, draped, drenched, drenched in, dust-covered, dusty, encrusted, mantled, moon-splashed, moss-grown, mossy, mud-beplastered, muffled, overgrown, peritrichous, plastered, sealed, smothered, snow-clad, snow-covered, snowy, spattered, splashed, splashy, splattered, sun-drenched, thickspread, tiled, white, wrapped

Type of: adjoin, apparel, ascertain, assure, be, broach, check, clothe, compensate, conceal, contact, control, copulate, correct, counterbalance, couple, deputise [Brit], deputize, dress, empower, enclose, enclothe, endow, endue, enfold, ensure, envelop, enwrap, even off, even out, even up, fit out, fulfil [Brit, Cdn], fulfill [N. Amer], garb, garment, gift, go across, go through, guarantee, habilitate [archaic], hide, include, indue, inform, initiate, insure, invest, live up to, make up, mate, meet, multiply, pair, pass, play, procreate, protect, raiment [archaic], reproduce, satisfy, see, see to it, step in, substitute, tog, touch, warrant, wrap

Antonym: bare, uncover

Encyclopedia: Cover Cover, Protective, Individual


A written option is considered to be covered if the writer also has an opposing market position on a share-for-share basis in the underlying security. That is, a short call is covered if the underlying stock is owned, and a short put is covered (for margin purposes) if the underlying stock is also short in the account. In addition, a short call is covered if the account is also long another call on the same security, with a striking price equal to or less than the striking price of the short call. A short put is covered if there is also a long put in the account with a striking price equal to or greater than the striking price of the short put.


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  1. flood water covered the fields by the river.
  2. the wagon and mules were covered with dust.
  3. nor were the walls covered with honeysuckles.
  4. half of his land is covered with timber.
  5. the mould is then covered to exclude dust.

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