coverage meaning

[ 'kʌvəridʒ ] Pronunciation:   "coverage" in a sentence
Noun: coverage  kúvurij
  1. The total amount and type of insurance carried
    - insurance coverage 
  2. The extent to which something is covered
    "the dictionary's coverage of standard English is excellent" 
  3. The news as presented by reporters for newspapers or radio or television
    "they accused the paper of biased coverage of race relations"
    - reporting, reportage

Derived forms: coverages

See also: cover

Type of: amount, amount of money, extent, news, sum, sum of money

Encyclopedia: Coverage


A measure of the area over which a gallon of paint may be spread at a given thickness, usually expressed as square feet per gallon at 1 mil dry film.


The amount of surface that can be covered by a particular amount of roofing material.


The ratio of the area of the footprint of a building to the total area of the site on which it is located.

noun [U]

1 (Insurance ) (AmE) = COVER noun (2)

2 (Commerce )

the area where a particular service is provided:

Mobile-phone coverage is limited to the big cities.

The deal gives the airline coverage across the whole country.

3 (Marketing )

the percentage of a possible audience for an advertisement, etc. who see it at least once

4 (Accounting ) = INTEREST COVER

(*) 1. The ground area represented on imagery, photomaps, mosaics, maps, and other geographical presentation systems.
2. (DOD only) Cover or protection, as the coverage of troops by supporting fire.
3. (DOD only) The extent to which intelligence information is available in respect to any specified area of interest.
4. (DOD only) The summation of the geographical areas and volumes of aerospace under surveillance.
See also comparative cover.

1. The area within which a broadcast or communication station can be reliably heard.
2. The shielding effectiveness of a coaxial cable.


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  1. the newspapers gave prominent coverage to the news.
  2. the launch of their new saloon received much media coverage.
  3. very often, television coverage of news is superficial and inadequate.
  4. mobility affects loyalty with the degree of effect depending on branch coverage.
  5. coverage of polymer particles is obviously influenced by emulsifier structure.

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