courtroom meaning

Pronunciation:   "courtroom" in a sentence
Noun: courtroom  'kort`room
  1. A room in which a lawcourt sits
    "television cameras were admitted in the courtroom"
    - court

Derived forms: courtrooms

Type of: room

Part of: courthouse

Encyclopedia: Courtroom


The main room in a courthouse where the judge presides.

AmE / noun [C]

a room in which trials or other legal cases are held


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  1. an excited buzz ran around the courtroom.
  2. whereupon everyone assembled in the courtroom sat down.
  3. the trial was broadcast live from the courtroom ..
  4. when he entered a courtroom it was to fight with every legal and dramatic weapon he had learned to use.
  5. he now decided to have cowperwood take the stand, and at the mention of his name in this connection the whole courtroom bristled.

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