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  • Noun: county council
    Usage: Brit
    1. The elected governing body of a county

    Derived forms: county councils

    Type of: administration, brass, establishment, governance, governing body, organisation [Brit], organization

    Encyclopedia: County council

  • [Law]
    A local authority whose area is a county. A county council has certain exclusive responsibilities (e.g.education, fire services, highways, and refuse disposal) and shares others (e.g. recreation, town and country planning) with the councils of the districts in its area. The Local Government Commission for England began work in 1992on restructuring local government areas with a view to establishing single-tier local authorities (see UNITARY AUTHORITY), which has led to the abolition of certain county councils.


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  1. finally a deputation waited on him to propose that he should stand for the county council election that was shortly to be held.
  2. wu ssu-jung, member of t he chiayi county council
  3. lin hsun-yi, member of the chiayi county council
  4. tung hsiang, speaker of the chiayi county council
  5. it was only recognised when taken to a open evening held by the archaeology department of lincolnshire county council

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