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  • [Architecture]

    A roofing material in sheet form, usually of galvanized metal or cement asbestos, shaped into alternate ridges and valleys.


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  1. An outbuilding is built of railroad ties covered with corrugated roofing.
  2. He found inexpensive corrugated roofing but finished it off with traditional wood fretwork around the eaves.
  3. Baked mud bricks and especially concrete blocks are also used nowadays, with thatched roofs still common, although often replaced by corrugated roofing sheets.
  4. Each family gets a few sheets of corrugated roofing, a kilo of rice, another of beans, a can of tuna and some cooking oil.
  5. However, the moir� artifacts can occur in scenes with closely spaced geometric patterns, such as fabric or mesh, distant buildings, balcony railings, corrugated roofing etc.

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