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  • [Architecture]

    Glass which has been corrugated to provide greater diffusion of light.


  1. A service area along the Polk Street elevation is fenestrated by a short row of steel hopper windows topped by large vertical panels of thick green corrugated glass.
  2. Moholy-Nagy's approach was partly to treat it as an abstract light show, but only some 90 seconds of material was used, e . g . a protective-suited figure behind corrugated glass.
  3. The building's ovoid exterior is clad with a rectilinear collage of flashy finishes : shingled glass, concrete in a tacky black pebble texture and corrugated glass shot through with metallic filaments, an effect at once gossamer and garish.
  4. Riley refers to the " marked sense of formlessness " of Mr . Koolhaas's projects, and the visitor to the show is confronted by a dizzying array of forms : ovals, cloud shapes, diagonals, grids, screens of perforated steel and corrugated glass, undulating ramps, elongated triangles, tilted ramps, media projections.
  5. Like a Swiss watchmaker, he has combined off-the-shelf materials intricately and cleverly : sliding panels and shelves are made of corrugated glass fiber; a light switch on the boulder has wires cleverly concealed in the rock's fissure; a hanging light is a bulb in a Time-Life globe; outdoor seats are carved in concrete ( deck furniture would decay ).

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