correction meaning

[ kə'rekʃən ] Pronunciation:   "correction" in a sentence
Noun: correction  ku'reksh(u)n
  1. The act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right
    - rectification 
  2. A quantity that is added or subtracted in order to increase the accuracy of a scientific measure
    - fudge factor 
  3. Something substituted for an error 
  4. A rebuke for making a mistake
    - chastening, chastisement 
  5. A drop in stock market activity or stock prices following a period of increases
    "market runups are invariably followed by a correction" 
  6. The act of punishing
    - discipline 
  7. Treatment of a specific defect
    "the correction of his vision with eye glasses"

Derived forms: corrections

See also: correct, correctional

Type of: dip, drop, editing, fall, free fall, improvement, indefinite quantity, penalisation [Brit], penalization, penalty, punishment, rebuke, redaction, reprehension, reprimand, reproof, reproval, therapy

Encyclopedia: Correction Correction, Fraternal

noun [C,U]



a change in prices, for example on a stock market, especially a sudden temporary fall after they have been too high:

Share prices could rise until next week, but after that there should be a correction.

She predicts a sharp correction in consumer spending.

the first signs of a market correction The economic downturn was a correction to excessive investment in dotcoms.

In the early stages of a correction, share prices tend to decline sharply before stabilizing.


a change that makes a calculation more accurate than it was before:

a note indicating corrections to be made to the annual accounts

account corrections

1. The addition of a factor that provides greater accuracy in a measurement.
2. A change in the calibration of an instrument to increase the accuracy.

Reverse movement, usually downward, in the price of an individual stock, bond, commodity, or index. If prices have been rising on the market as a whole, and then fall dramatically, this is know as a correction within an upward trend. Antithesis of a technical rally. See: Dip, break.

Chastisement by one having authority of a person who has committed some offence, for the purpose of bringing him to legal subjection.

It is chiefly exercised in a parental manner, by parents or those who are placed in loco parentis. A parent may therefore justify the correction of the child either corporally or by confinement; and a schoolmaster, under whose care and instruction a parent has placed his child, may equally justify similar correction; but the correction in both, cases must be moderate and in proper lawful manner.

The master of an apprentice, for disobedience, may correct him moderately but he cannot delegate the authority to another.

A master has no right to correct his servants who are not apprentices.

Soldiers are liable to moderate correction from their superiors. For the sake of maintaining their discipline on board of the navy, the captain of a vessel, either belonging to the United States or to private individuals, may inflict moderate correction on a sailor for disobedience or disorderly conduct. Such has been the general rule. But by a proviso to an act of Congress, approved September, l850, flogging in the navy and on board vessels of commerce was abolished.

Any excess of correction by the parent, master, officer or captain may render the party guilty of an assault and battery, and liable to all its consequences. In prisons, the keepers have the right to correct the prisoners within lawful limits.


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  1. the variation of the corrections is typical.
  2. the correction is relatively small.
  3. we try to find a correction to the frequency of waves.
  4. readers make the corrections pointed out in the table of errata.
  5. i speak under correction.

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