coronoid meaning

Pronunciation:   "coronoid" in a sentence
/korˈə-noid or ko-rōˈnoid/ (anatomy)
  Like a crow's bill, as in the coronoid process of the lower jaw or the upper end of the ulna
  ORIGIN: Gr korōnē a crow, and eidos form, shape

adj : of, relating to, or indicating the coronoid process or coronoid fossa ‹coronoid teeth›


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  1. some features of boundary vertices of coronoid systems
  2. The plate continues to the rear into a high coronoid process.
  3. The coronoid process of the lower jaw is strongly protruding.
  4. The palate also has teeth, with rows on the ectopterygoid, coronoid.
  5. The coronoid process of the surangular bone is low.

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