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Noun: coronoid process
  1. A sharp triangular process projecting from a bone
    - processus coronoideus

Derived forms: coronoid processes

Type of: appendage, outgrowth, process

Part of: bone, os[2]

Encyclopedia: Coronoid process

1 : the anterior process of the superior border of the ramus of the mandible
2 : a flared process of the lower anterior part of the upper articular surface of the ulna fitting into the coronoid fossa when the arm is flexed


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  1. The plate continues to the rear into a high coronoid process.
  2. The coronoid process of the lower jaw is strongly protruding.
  3. The coronoid process of the surangular bone is low.
  4. Slips of origin from the coronoid process or from the radius have been seen.
  5. The coronoid process of the rear lower jaw has an oval process at the inside.

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