coroneted meaning

Pronunciation:   "coroneted" in a sentence
Adjective: coroneted  kórunetid
  1. Belonging to the peerage
    "the princess and her coroneted companions"
    - highborn, titled

See also: noble


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  1. Nahar Singh was coroneted in 1839.
  2. According to Ramayana, After King Ravana s death, Vibeeshana was coroneted as King of Lanka by Lakshmana at Kelaniya.
  3. He was the first coroneted historical ruler whose reign began in 33 according to the " Cheitharol Kumbaba ".
  4. Lloyd was invested with the Rank and Decoration of Knight Commander Court of Honour in 1955 and coroneted an Inspector General Honorary, 33�, in 1965.
  5. She wears the coronet of a Countess, not a Viscountess, and at the foot of her tomb is a coroneted eagle, a reminder of the Stanleys'armorial crest.

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