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Noun: corbel arch  korbul aa(r)ch
  1. (architecture) an arch constructed of masonry courses that are corbelled until they meet

Derived forms: corbel arches

Type of: arch

Encyclopedia: Corbel arch


Masonry built over a wall opening by uniformly advancing courses from each side until they meet at a midpoint. The stepped reveals may be smoothed, even arcuated, but no arch action is effected—not a true arch.

corbel arch


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  1. The well-preserved Hellenistic Eleutherna Bridge has a triangular corbel arch.
  2. The church fa�ade has receding planes with leaves designed in corbel arches.
  3. Corbel arches and vaults are found in various places around the ancient Mediterranean.
  4. The mosque corridors are filled with corbel arches that extend to both ends.
  5. These domes are not true domes, but are constructed using the corbel arch.

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