coram populo meaning

  "coram populo" in a sentence
/popˈū-lō or -ŭ-/
1. In the presence of the people
2. Publicly


  1. Disappearance of the primitive front staircase, balustrade and railing that separated the transept from the high altar, the " table " under the dome, restored with the table altar " coram populo " as available have changed pulpit and baptismal font.
  2. :" " Post haec secundum continentiam priuiligiorum, quae lecta coram populo fuerant, scripsit priuilegia, diisit prouincias et regiones regni sui ac terminos et fines earum hoc modo : secundum cursum aquarum, quae a montanis fluunt et intrant in mare contra meridianam plagam, Maritima uocauit; aquas uero, quae a montanis fluunt contra septentrionalem plagam et intrant in magnum flumen Donaui, uocauit Surbia.

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