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Noun: coral  korul or kórul [N. Amer], kórul [Brit]
  1. A variable colour averaging a deep pink 
  2. The hard stony skeleton of a Mediterranean coral that has a delicate red or pink colour and is used for jewellery
    - red coral, precious coral 
  3. Unfertilized lobster roe; reddens in cooking; used as garnish or to colour sauces 
  4. Marine colonial polyp characterized by a calcareous skeleton; masses in a variety of shapes often forming reefs
Adjective: coral  korul or kórul [N. Amer], kórul [Brit]
  1. Of a strong pink to yellowish-pink colour

Derived forms: corals

See also: chromatic

Type of: actinozoan, anthozoan, hard roe, opaque gem, pink, roe

Part of: lobster

Encyclopedia: Coral Coral, Illinois Coral, Michigan

1. Class Oriented Ring Associated Language.

2. A deductive database and logic programming system based on Horn-clause rules with extensions like SQL's group-by and aggregation operators. CORAL was developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is implemented in C++ and has a Prolog-like syntax.

Many evaluation techniques are supported, including bottom-up fixpoint evaluation and top-down backtracking. Modules are separately compiled; different evaluation methods can be used in different modules within a single program. Disk-resident data is supported via an interface to the Exodus storage manager. There is an on-line help facility. It requires AT&T C++ 2.0 (or G++ soon) and runs on Decstation and Sun-4.


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  1. a negro boy slipped by hurrying along the coral road.
  2. a coral reef may build up to the surface of the tropical ocean.
  3. others are merely accumulations of coral and skeletal debris.
  4. others are merely accumulations of coral and skeletal debris.
  5. she was trifling with a string of coral beads which her mother had just given her.

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