coracoid meaning

Pronunciation:   "coracoid" in a sentence
Noun: coracoid  'koru`koyd [N. Amer], 'kóru`koyd [Brit]
  1. The coracoid bone or process
Adjective: coracoid  'koru`koyd [N. Amer], 'kóru`koyd [Brit]
  1. Shaped like a crow's beak 
  2. Pertaining to a bone of the shoulder girdle in most birds, reptiles, and amphibians, which is reduced to a process of the scapula in most mammals

Derived forms: coracoids

Encyclopedia: Coracoid

n : a coracoid bone or process
adj : of, relating to, or being a process of the scapula in most mammals or a well-developed cartilage bone of many lower vertebrates that extends from the scapula to or toward the sternum —see PECTORAL GIRDLE


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  1. operative treatment of severe fresh acromicoclavicular dislocation by wire-loop fixation of the coracoid and clavicle
  2. surgical treatment of severe acromioclavicular dislocation by wire cerclage and kirschner wire fixation of the coracoid and clavicle
  3. reconstruction of coracoclavicular ligament with coracoid transplantation in treatment of acromioclavicular dislocation of degree and distal end fracture of clavicle
  4. Articulated with the scapula, the coracoid is sub-circular.
  5. The coracoid is square in form, a typical ankylosaurid trait.

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