coraciiform meaning

  "coraciiform" in a sentence
/ko-rə-sīˈi-förm/ (zoology)
  Of, belonging to or related to the Coraciiformes, an order of birds including the kingfishers, hornbills, bee-eaters and rollers


  1. Several extinct coraciiform families are only known from Paleogene fossils.
  2. A fossil genus of Oligocene coraciiform from Switzerland has been described as " Protornis "; it might be a primitive motmot or a more mya ) deposits in Alachua County, USA has not been named; it might belong to an extant genus.
  3. The closest relatives of " Neanis schucherti " may be the Piciformes, or it might be an ancestral form in the piciform-coraciiform radiation . " " N . " kistneri " seems more closely related to piciform birds . " Neanis schucherti " appears to share some traits with " Hassiavis " and might even be a cypselomorph

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