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Noun: Coraciidae
  1. Rollers
    - family Coraciidae

Type of: bird family

Part of: Coraciiformes, order Coraciiformes

Encyclopedia: Coraciidae


  1. Because there might be some confusion in identifying swallows and swifts, the former family has been added after the Coraciidae.
  2. A fossil from Miocene rocks in the Czech Republic was assigned to this family, but more recent analysis disputes the placement and moves the species to the Coraciidae.
  3. Family of two of Numididae; three Phasianidae including one extirpated species of crested francolin ( " Francolinus sephaena " ); four of Anatidae; one Podicipedidae; one Phoenicopteridae; two of Ciconiidae; two of Threskiornithidae; 13 of Ardeidae; one Sulidae; one Phalacrocoracidae; one Falconidae; eight Accipitridae; five Rallidae; one Turnicidae; one Burhinidae; one Dromadidae; four Charadriidae; one Rostratulidae; one Jacanidae; six Scolopacidae; five Laridae; ten Columbidae includes two introduced species of laughing dove ( " Spilopelia senegalensis " ) and Namaqua dove ( " Oena capensis " ), and one Pemba green pigeon ( " Treron pembaensis " ), an endemic and vulnerable species; three of family Psittacidae includes two introduced species of rose-ringed parakeet ( " Psittacula krameri " ) and grey-headed lovebird ( " Agapornis canus " ); one Musophagidae with a near-threatened species of Fischer's turaco ( " Tauraco fischeri " ); three of Cuculidae family; one of Tytonidae; three of Strigidae; one of Tytonidae; three of Strigidae including one vulnerable species of Pemba scops owl ( " Otus pembaensis " ); one Caprimulgidae; five Apodidae; one Coliidae of the extirpated species of speckled mousebird ( " Colius striatus " ); one Trogonidae; two Coraciidae; six of Alcedinidae; one of Meropidae; two of Phoeniculidae; two of Picidae; three of Malaconotidae; one of Campephagidae; one of Oriolidae; one of Dicruridae; two of Monarchidae; two of family Corvidae including one introduced species of house crow ( " Corvus splendens " ); four of Hirundinidae; three of Cisticolidae; three of Pycnonotidae; one of genera " incertae sedis "; two of Sylviidae; one of Timaliidae; one of Zosteropidae, Pemba white-eye ( Zosterops vaughani ); three of Sturnidae; one of Turdidae; five of Muscicapidae; seven of Nectariniidae; two of Passeridae; seven of Ploceidae; ten of Estrildidae including one introduced species of blue-breasted cordon-bleu ( " Uraeginthus angolensis " ) and vulnerable and introduced species of Java sparrow ( " Lonchura oryzivora " ); two Viduidae; one Motacillidae; and one Fringillidae.

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