cora meaning

Pronunciation:   "cora" in a sentence
Noun: Cora  koru
  1. (Greek mythology) daughter of Zeus and Demeter; made queen of the underworld by Pluto in ancient mythology; identified with Roman Proserpina
    - Persephone, Despoina, Kore

Type of: Greek deity

Encyclopedia: Cora Cora, WY Cora, Wyoming


A draped female figure used in architecture; a caryatid.


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  1. magua still has the right to take cora with him.
  2. magua himself abducts cora.
  3. "we have but little occasion to be alarmed," continued the undisturbed cora.
  4. good . i'm trading shifts with cora so if i take sunday,
  5. cora : i had hoped i'd never hear that name again

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