coprolalia meaning

Pronunciation:   "coprolalia" in a sentence
Noun: coprolalia  `kópru'leyleeu
  1. An uncontrollable use of obscene language; often accompanied by mental disorders

Derived forms: coprolalias

Type of: pathology

Encyclopedia: Coprolalia

1 : obsessive or uncontrollable use of obscene language
2 : the use of obscene (as scatological) language as sexual gratification — cop·ro·la·lic adj


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  1. Steven's coprolalia is no longer evident at school.
  2. However, coprolalia is actually a relatively rare symptom of Tourette's.
  3. This is called coprolalia, and it affects about one in four of those with Tourette.
  4. Yet just a small minority of people have coprolalia, and I am not among them.
  5. Mihok says the biggest misconception about Tourette's Syndrome is about vocal tics, called coprolalia.

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