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Noun: Coprinus atramentarius
  1. Having a cap that melts into an inky fluid after spores have matured
    - inky cap, inky-cap mushroom

Type of: agaric

Part of: Coprinus, genus Coprinus

Encyclopedia: Coprinus atramentarius


  1. The Coprinus atramentarius are parasites that live on rotting wood, and their presence can mean impending doom for the tree host.
  2. Resuming her search several hundred yards into the woods atop Monument Hill, Lutz discovers a trove of what she identifies as the Coprinus atramentarius, more commonly known as one of the " Ink cap " family.
  3. Previously known as " Coprinus atramentarius ", it is the second best known ink cap and previous member of the genus " Coprinus " after " alcohol  hence another common name, "'tippler's bane " '.

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