coppy meaning

  "coppy" in a sentence
/kopˈi/ (dialect)
  A small stool (also coppˈy-stool)
  ORIGIN: Origin uncertain


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  1. The company was founded in 2005 by CEO Coppy Holzman, and board members Brad Reisner and Serena Chew.
  2. On April 1, 2015, Tumblr created a parody of Clippit, Coppy, as another April Fools joke.
  3. Coppy is an incredibly annoying anthropomorphized photocopier that wouldn't stop popping up on the screen and asking the user if they want help.
  4. Coppy would engage the reader in a series of pointless questions, with a dialogue box written in Comic Sans MS, deliberately designed to be extremely annoying.
  5. The Cincinnati-based retailer also is closing two stores and laying off staff at its headquarters, said S . Coppy Holzman, president and chief executive officer.

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