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  • Verb: copolymerize  kow'pólumu`rIz
    1. Polymerize together
      "the two substances copolymerized"
      - copolymerise [Brit]

    Derived forms: copolymerizing, copolymerized, copolymerizes

    See also: copolymer

    Type of: polymerise [Brit], polymerize


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  1. in the same way it is possible to copolymerize three or more monomers together.
  2. production and application of random copolymerized polypropylene pipe
  3. y20 is a type of re-dispersible vinyl / acetate ethylene copolymerized emulsion powder
  4. Polypropylene is normally tough and flexible, especially when copolymerized with ethylene.
  5. Divinylbenzene, for example, when copolymerized with styrene, gives a crosslinked polystyrene.

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