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  • Noun: copolymer  kow'pólumu(r)
    1. A polymer consisting of two or more different monomers

    Derived forms: copolymers

    See also: copolymerize

    Type of: polymer

    Encyclopedia: Copolymer

  • [Medicine]
    n : a product of copolymerization —called also heteropolymerco·pol·y·mer·ic adj


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  1. these are termed block copolymers.
  2. the super slurpers consist of copolymers made from cornstarch.
  3. the majority of synthetic copolymers contain only two types of structural unit.
  4. copolymer is where chemical combination exists in the main chain between two polymers.
  5. the admixture of two or more different units gives rise to linear copolymers.

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