cooccur with meaning

  "cooccur with" in a sentence
Verb: cooccur with
  1. Go or occur together
    "The word 'hot' tends to cooccur with 'cold'"
    - collocate with, construe with, co-occur with, go with

Derived forms: co-occurs with, co-occurred with

See also: cooccur

Type of: accompany, attach to, come with, go with

  • cooccur:    Verb: cooccur (coo ...


  1. Imagery has been thought to cooccur with perception; however, participants with damaged sense-modality receptors can sometimes perform imagery of said modality receptors.
  2. Although there are object NPs such as indirect object NPs that can cooccur with a preposition, there are no corresponding object clitics to double them, unlike subject NPs.
  3. This is thought to stem from the generalization of " n "-stem adjectives as an indication of determinative semantics, seen most prominently in the weak adjective declension in the Germanic languages ( where it cooccurs with definite articles and determiners ), but also in Latin and Greek " n "-stem nouns ( especially proper names ) formed from adjectives, e . g.

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