coo meaning

Pronunciation:   "coo" in a sentence
Noun: coo  koo
  1. The sound made by a pigeon
Verb: coo  koo
  1. Speak softly or lovingly
    "The mother who held her baby was cooing softly" 
  2. Cry softly, as of pigeons

Sounds like: coup

Derived forms: cooing, cooed, coos

Type of: cry, emit, let loose, let out, murmur, utter

Encyclopedia: Coo


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  1. in the silence a wood-pigeon began to coo roo-hoo hoo
  2. we'll leave the two young people to bill and coo together
  3. coo coocoo ! yummyumm wom worn ! warbling
  4. coo or babble when happy
  5. she coo-eed ! in reply

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