convention meaning

[ kən'venʃən ] Pronunciation:   "convention" in a sentence
Noun: convention  kun'venshun
  1. A large formal assembly
    "political convention" 
  2. Something regarded as a normative example
    "the convention of not naming the main character"
    - normal, pattern, rule, formula 
  3. (diplomacy) an international agreement 
  4. Orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional
    - conventionality, conventionalism 
  5. The act of convening
    - convening

Derived forms: conventions

See also: convene, conventional, conventioneer, unconventional

Type of: accord, assemblage, assembly, gathering, group meeting, meeting, orthodoxy, pact, practice, treaty

Encyclopedia: Convention

noun [C]


a large meeting of the members of a profession, an organization, etc:

The industry has its annual convention in Cannes.


❖ to arrange/have/hold/organize a convention

◆ to attend/go to a convention

◆ a convention centre/delegate/hall


an official agreement between countries; the group of politicians who work together to reach this agreement:

She has been chosen to head the convention on constitutional reform.

The convention will have a difficult task.

Their actions have been challenged under the Geneva Convention.

Nineteen states have now ratified (= signed and accepted it) the convention.

❖ to adopt/ratify/sign a convention

◆ to breach/comply with a convention

n. 1. A treaty, usually of a multilateral nature. The International Law Commission prepares draft conventions on various issues for the progressive development of international law.
2. A written document adopted by international organizations for their own regulation.


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  1. he sets at naught every convention of society.
  2. they had numerous mental conventions.
  3. she is a person not hampered by convention.
  4. we follow geneva convention procedures.
  5. this convention results in no ambiguity.

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