construe with meaning

  "construe with" in a sentence
Verb: construe with
  1. Go or occur together
    - collocate with, cooccur with, co-occur with, go with

Derived forms: construing with, construes with, construed with

See also: construe

Type of: accompany, attach to, come with, go with


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  1. It tells you nothing at all about whether it is construed with a singular or plural verb.
  2. Judicial review provisions, however, are jurisdictional in nature and must be construed with strict fidelity to their terms.
  3. The lunula must be inserted and recovered without difficulty, hence the need for keeping it in an upright position should be construed with this end in view.
  4. The Rabbis argue thus : No death-sentence pronounced in the Bible indefinitely may be construed with severity; on the contrary, it must be interpreted leniently.
  5. In ordinary speech I think it is more often construed with the plural, but not exclusively .-- talk ) 23 : 37, 2 September 2008 ( UTC)

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