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  • [Medicine]
    A methyl xanthine derivative from tea with diuretic,smooth muscle relaxant,bronchial dilation,cardiac and central nervous system stimulant activities. Theophylline inhibits the 3',5'-CYCLIC NUCLEOTIDE PHOSPHODIESTERASE that degrades CYCLIC AMP thus potentiates the actions of agents that act through ADENYLATE CYCLASE and cyclic AMP.


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  1. Any surface of constant t in Minkowski space-time is a Cauchy surface.
  2. V at constant T . The second derivative of U w . r . t.
  3. The atmospheric time constant t 0 is often referred to as the Greenwood time constant, after Darryl Greenwood.
  4. For humans, the time constants T 1 and T 2 are approximately 3 ms and 5 s, respectively.
  5. The constant T is called the relaxation time of the system and the constant � is the quasi-frequency.

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