conformation meaning

Pronunciation:   "conformation" in a sentence
Noun: conformation  `kónfor'meyshun
  1. A symmetrical arrangement of the parts of a thing 
  2. Any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline)
    - shape, form, configuration, contour 
  3. Acting according to certain accepted standards
    - conformity, compliance, abidance

Derived forms: conformations

See also: conform, crooked, straight

Type of: balance, cooperation, counterbalance, equilibrium, equipoise, spatial property, spatiality

Encyclopedia: Conformation

n : any of the spatial arrangements of a molecule that can be obtained by rotation of the atoms about a single bond — con·for·ma·tion·al adj — con·for·ma·tion·al·ly adv


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  1. this still says nothing about the conformation of the chain.
  2. they can adopt conformations which lead to maximum entropy.
  3. cyclobutane exists predominantly in a "butterfly" conformation.
  4. the periodic buckling leaves the fibre in a waved conformation.
  5. patients exhibit a completely distorted view of their bodily conformation.

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