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[ 'kɔnsentreitə ] Pronunciation:   "concentrator" in a sentence
Noun: concentrator
  1. An apparatus for the separation of dry comminuted ore, by exposing it to intermittent puffs of air 
  2. A frame or ring of wire or hard paper fitting into the cartridge case used in some shotguns, and holding the shot together when discharged, to secure close shooting; also, a device for slightly narrowing the bore at the muzzle for the same purpose

Derived forms: concentrators

Encyclopedia: Concentrator

<communications> A device that combines the data streams from many simultaneously active inputs into one shared channel in such a way that the streams can be separated after transmission. The concentrator's output bandwidth must be at least as great as the total bandwidth of all simultaneously active inputs. A concentrator is one kind of multiplexing device.

For example, a concentrator may be used to connect 24 2400 bps TTYs to a host via a 57600 bps channel.


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  1. this concentrator was chosen as an example to illustrate the general methodology involved in virus concentration.
  2. to turn on the connection concentrator . by default the
  3. code for process design of non-ferrous concentrator
  4. and the connection concentrator is not enabled
  5. tune the agents parameters to work with the concentrator

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