concentration meaning

[ ˌkɔnsen'treiʃən ] Pronunciation:   "concentration" in a sentence
Noun: concentration  `kónsun'treyshun
  1. The strength of a solution; number of molecules of a substance in a given volume 
  2. The spatial property of being crowded together
    - density, denseness, tightness, compactness 
  3. Strengthening the concentration (as of a solute in a mixture) by removing diluting material 
  4. Increase in density 
  5. Complete attention; intense mental effort
    - engrossment, absorption, immersion 
  6. Bringing together military forces 
  7. Great and constant diligence and attention
    - assiduity, assiduousness

Derived forms: concentrations

See also: concentrate

Type of: assemblage, assembly, attention, diligence, gathering, increase, industriousness, industry, property, spacing, spatial arrangement, strengthening

Antonym: dilution, distribution

Encyclopedia: Concentration

AmE / noun


1 [C]

a lot of sth in one place:

insurance premiums for commercial buildings with high concentrations of visitors or workers

This area has the highest concentration of industry in the country.

2 [U]

the act of bringing things together, or of coming together, to form a group:

Concentration of investments in a single company's shares was foolish.

There is concern about the concentration of ownership in the regional press (= a small number of people or groups own most of the newspapers).

3 [U]

the ability to direct all your effort and attention on one thing, without thinking of other things:

The job demands total concentration.

4 [U]

the process of people directing effort and attention on a particular thing:

Their concentration on developing new markets is starting to bring profits.

The degree to which an industry is dominated by a small group of firms and thus closed to competitive pressure.

n. (in EU law) The technical term for a merger.

Focusing on certain aspects of current experience to the exclusion of others. It is the act of heeding or taking notice or concentrating. n
1 : the act or action of concentrating: as
a : a directing of the attention or of the mental faculties toward a single object
b : an increasing of strength (as of a solute or a gas in a mixture) or a purifying by partial or total removal of diluents, solvents, admixed gases, extraneous material, or waste (as by evaporation or diffusion)
2 : a crude active principle of a vegetable esp. for pharmaceutical use in the form of a powder or resin
3 : the relative content of a component (as dissolved or dispersed material) of a solution, mixture, or dispersion that may be expressed in percentage by weight or by volume, in parts per million, or in grams per liter


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  1. she wrinkled her brows in concentration.
  2. s is the concentration of unpaired nucleotides.
  3. freckles are simply concentrations of melanin.
  4. this concentration is not dissipated by agents.
  5. some of the concentrations are negligibly small.

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