computerized trading meaning

  • [Economics]
    Use of a computer programme to track various pieces of market information, such as share or commodity prices, and to execute specified trades if certain conditions are observed. For example, the computer could be programmed to track the share prices of companies A and B, and to sell A and buy B if the excess of B's price over A's falls below 20 per cent. Some stock exchanges do not allow fully computerized trading, but the computer can be programmed to ring a bell to prompt a human dealer to trade if the conditions are satisfied.


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  1. the late selling followed a big board announcement that curbs on computerized trading techniques will go into effect today for a week
  2. PCCA distributes its cotton through its computerized trading system, TELCOT.
  3. Improvements in computerized trading will make the distinction irrelevant, he said.
  4. Now a new breed of computerized trading systems is bypassing these middlemen.
  5. Services offering information networks and computerized trading systems increasingly are linked internationally.

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