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<jargon> (Or "turbo nerd", "turbo geek") One who eats (computer) bugs for a living. One who fulfils all the dreariest negative stereotypes about hackers: an asocial, malodourous, pasty-faced monomaniac with all the personality of a cheese grater. The term cannot be used by outsiders without implied insult to all hackers; compare black-on-black usage of "nigger". A computer geek may be either a fundamentally clueless individual or a proto-hacker in larval stage.

See also Alpha Geek, propeller head, clustergeeking, geek out, wannabee, terminal junkie, spod, weenie.


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  1. okay, finkleman, you're the computer geek . now what
  2. biggest computer geek of all time
  3. dave : i know what you mean . i can't stand computer geeks
  4. my friend is a computer geek
  5. a blog by a teenage computer geek offering technology-related reviews, news, and tips

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