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  • Noun: Composite order
    1. A Roman order that combines the Corinthian acanthus leaves with the spiral scrolls of the Ionic order

    Derived forms: Composite orders

    Type of: order

    Encyclopedia: Composite order

  • [Architecture]

    In Classical architecture, one of the five Classical orders; combines characteristics of both the Corinthian and Ionic orders; similar to the Corinthian order, but much more embellished. The capital consists of volutes borrowed, with modifications, from the Ionic capital; the circle of acanthus leaves applied to the capital is borrowed from the Corinthian capital. See illustration under bases for an example of a base of the Composite order.

    Composite order


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  1. The cloister is surrounded by columns from the Composite order.
  2. The fa�ade is made up of nine semicircular arches springing from columns of the Composite order.
  3. The "'composite order "'is a mixed acanthus leaves of the Corinthian order.
  4. The new portico includes columns that match the Composite order originals of the main entrance portico on the 1851 west elevation.
  5. The composite order is not found in ancient Greek architecture and until the Renaissance was not ranked as a separate order.

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