composite carriage meaning

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  • noun
      A railway carriage with compartments of different class


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  1. The first * travelling post office ( TPO ) was introduced in 1877, initially occupying the second class compartments of two composite carriages on the Brisbane-Dalby train.
  2. In addition the British train conveyed one of a pair of standard Mk 1 Brake Composite carriages, which had been modified with a French-style gangway connection at one end.
  3. At the opening of the line there was provided 8 first class, 18 second, 16 third, and 4 composite carriages; in 1861 a post office sorting carriage was provided.
  4. The main difference between classes was the width of compartments, with exclusively first class carriages fitted with six compartments; composite carriages typically with three first class compartments flanked by two second class compartments either side, and exclusively second class carriages fitted with eight compartments.
  5. Blickensderfer also improved the paper scale, added black composite carriage knobs at both ends of the palten, added adjustable margin stops and a bell mechanism designed to be struck by a clapper attached to the inker arm indicating when the carriage was approaching the end of the typed line.

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