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The topmost member of a column of the Composite order; a Roman adaptation of a Corinthian capital, being much more elaborate; consists of volutes and convex molding between them, somewhat similar to the

Composite capital

Ionic capital; has a circle of acanthus leaves applied to the lower part of the bell used in the Corinthian capital.


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  1. Each side of the central section contains pilasters with composite capitals supporting an entablature and pediment.
  2. The Classical Roman composite capital would seem to have been the favourite type they followed at first.
  3. The columns were unique in that each had a composite capital often depicting addorsed bulls or animals.
  4. The pronaos, which had four columns with composite capitals collapsed in 1868, and is now lost.
  5. It features a prominent set of four engaged columns with Composite capitals supporting the main pediment and entablature.

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