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A utility to generate the source code of a parser, interpreter or compiler from an annotated language description (usually in BNF). Most so called compiler-compilers are really just parser generators.

Examples are Bison, Eli, FSL, META 5, MUG2, Parsley, Pre-cc, Yacc.


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  1. yacc : yet another compiler compiler
  2. Operator precedence parsers are also embedded within compiler compiler-generated parsers to noticeably speed up the recursive descent approach to expression parsing.
  3. It is almost certain that the " Compiler Compiler " name has entered common use due to Yacc rather than Brooker's work being remembered.
  4. The style of parser used in the Compiler Compiler was in use continuously at Edinburgh from the 60's until almost the turn of the millennium.
  5. Earley parsers in particular have been used in compiler compilers where their ability to parse using arbitrary Context-free grammars eases the task of writing the grammar for a particular language.

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