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  1. A reimplementation of this compiler for the IBM PC was marketed under the names Compas Pascal and PolyPascal before it was acquired by Borland and renamed " Turbo Pascal ".
  2. The compiler was first released as Compas Pascal for CP / M, and then released on November 20, 1983 as Turbo Pascal for CP / M ( including the Apple II computer when fitted with a Z-80 SoftCard, effectively converting the USD49 . 99, a very low price for a compiler at the time.
  3. Its first product was Turbo Pascal in 1983, developed by Anders Hejlsberg ( who later developed . NET and C # for Microsoft ) and before Borland acquired the product sold in Scandinavia under the name of Compas Pascal . 1984 saw the launch of Borland Sidekick, a time organization, notebook, and calculator utility that was an early and popular terminate and stay resident program ( TSR ) for DOS operating systems.

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