compartmentalization meaning

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  • Noun: compartmentalization
    1. A mild state of dissociation
      - compartmentalisation [Brit] 
    2. The act of distributing things into classes or categories of the same type
      - categorization, categorisation [Brit], classification, compartmentalisation [Brit], assortment

    Derived forms: compartmentalizations

    See also: compartmentalize

    Type of: disassociation, dissociation, grouping

    Encyclopedia: Compartmentalization

  • [Architecture]

    The division of a building into fire-retardant sections, each of which can be closed off from the others, thereby impeding the spread of fire beyond its place of origin.

  • [Medicine]
    or Brit com·part·men·tal·isa·tion n : isolation or splitting off of part of the personality or mind with lack of communication and consistency between the parts — com·part·men·tal·ize or Brit com·part·men·tal·ise vt -ized or Brit -ised; -iz·ing or Brit -is·ing


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  1. on legislative jurisdiction compartmentalization in china
  2. 2 . completed the system design and function compartmentalization, which are related to dsp model
  3. vacuolar compartmentalization appears to be the source of tolerance of metal-accumulating plants
  4. emphasizes controlling access through least privilege and compartmentalization principles 4 and 5, respectively
  5. at last, compartmentalization settlement index value according to structural form and design running speed respectively

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