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  • Noun: communications  ku`myoonu'keyshunz
    1. The discipline that studies the principles of transmitting information and the methods by which it is delivered (as print or radio or television etc.)
      "communications is his major field of study"
      - communication theory, communications theory
    Noun: communication  ku`myoonu'keyshun
    1. The activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information
      "they could not act without official communication from Moscow"
      - communicating 
    2. Something that is communicated by or to or between people or groups 
    3. A connection allowing access between persons or places
      "how many lines of communication can there be among four people?"; "a secret passageway provided communication between the two rooms"

    See also: communicate, communicational, communicative

    Type of: abstract entity, abstraction, act, bailiwick, connectedness, connection, connexion [Brit], deed, discipline, field, field of study, human action, human activity, study, subject, subject area, subject field

    Encyclopedia: Communication Communication, Culture & Technology


  • [Electronics]
    The science and art of using and developing electronic equipment and processes for the transmission and reception of information.

  • [Engineering]
    "The science and technology by which information is collected from an originating source, transformed into electric currents or fields, transmitted over electrical networks or space to another point, and reconverted into a form suitable for interpretation"

  • [Computer]
    <legal> (CDA) An amendment to the U.S. 1996 Telecommunications Bill that went into effect on 1996-02-08. The law, originally proposed by Senator James Exon to protect children from obscenity on the Internet, ended up making it punishable by fines of up to $250,000 to post indecent language on the Internet anywhere that a minor could read it.

    Thousands of outraged Internet users turned their web pages black in protest or displayed the Electronic Frontier Foundation's special icons.

    On 1996-06-12, a three-judge panel in Philadelphia ruled the CDA unconstitutional and issued an injunction against the United States Justice Department forbidding them to enforce the "indecency" provisions of the law. Internet users celebrated by displaying an animated "Free Speech" fireworks icon to their web pages, courtesy of the Voters Telecommunications Watch. The Justice Department appealed the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.


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  1. bank communications become more effective.
  2. intercellular communication is essential.
  3. electricity completely changed communications.
  4. to you, then, i must make my communication.
  5. communication is a difficult process.

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