communication cord meaning

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  A cord in the wall or ceiling of a railway train which can be pulled in an emergency to stop the train


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  1. The continuous vacuum brake and internal communication cord were introduced by the railway, gaining Board of Trade approval in 1893.
  2. They only realized that they were inside the enemy's location when they found a communication cord from the enemy sentry's location.
  3. In 1892, the non-automatic brake finally disappeared and in 1896 Stone's patent electric train lighting was introduced, along with communication cords.
  4. The inquest found that he had climbed onto the coal tender to attempt to resolve a problem with the communication cord, and was killed after an impact with a bridge.
  5. Later, shorter six-wheeled and bogie compartment carriages were built for secondary services, and communication cords and steam heating were fitted in the early years of the twentieth century.

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