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  • [Business]
    noun [C]

    (Stock Exchange )

    a person who buys and sells shares, bonds, etc. for other people and is paid a percentage of their value for this service


  • [Economics]
    In the USA, a stock-exchange dealer who executes orders to buy or sell securities on payment of a fee or a commission based on the value of the deal.

  • [Finance]
    A broker on the floor of an exchange who acts as agent for a particular brokerage house and buys and sells stocks for the brokerage house on a commission basis.


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  1. the joint high commission broke up without agreement on january 15, 1917.
  2. Commission brokers were already limited to Fidelity's Advisor fund group.
  3. Research and information has traditionally been the purview of the full-commission broker,
  4. After a month passed with no response, the commission broke relations with the Esperantists.
  5. He plans to argue that the commission broke its word and is politically motivated in seeking prosecution.

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