commissary meaning

Pronunciation:   "commissary" in a sentence
  • Noun: commissary  'kómi`seree
    Usage: N. Amer
    1. A retail store that sells equipment and provisions (usually to military personnel) 
    2. A snack bar in a film studio

    Derived forms: commissaries

    Type of: buffet, shop, snack bar, snack counter, store

    Encyclopedia: Commissary


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  1. yes . i was the class commissary in charge of studies ( recreational activities, physical culture, labour )
  2. at any hour of the day my grandfather would take me shopping at the banana company's succulent commissary
  3. cochairman of student council, general secretary of student council, commissary in charge of entertainment . in college
  4. calligrapher, research fellow of shaanxi provincial literary history study institute; judging commissary of lettering seminar, china association of calligrapher
  5. Parker estimates the commissary receives 78 diet change requests a day.

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