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Similar to MBS but backed by loans secured with commercial rather than residential property. Commercial property includes multi-family, retail, office, etc., They are not standardized so there are a lot of details associated with structure, credit enhancement, diversification, etc., that need to be understood when valuing these instruments.


  1. In the future, significant volume could be added by residential and commercial mortgage backed securities.
  2. Also, buyers can obtain mortgage financing for as little as 7 percent through the commercial mortgage backed security market, according to Mike Zaleski, head of broker CB Commercial Real Estate Group's New York office.
  3. Serageldin pleaded guilty to " fraudulently inflating the prices of asset-backed bonds which comprised subprime residential mortgage backed securities (  RMBS ) and commercial mortgage backed securities (  CMBS ) in Credit Suisse s trading book in late 2007 and early 2008 . " The " alleged manipulation of these bond prices contributed to Credit Suisse taking a $ 2 . 65 billion write-down of its 2007 year-end financial results . " As to the question of why the Justice Department has thus far failed to more vigorously pursue criminal cases against financial executives, one analyst asserted that the department  effectively lost its ability to indict corporations or go after individuals at the highest echelons of corporate America . 

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