command meaning

[ kə'mɑ:nd ] Pronunciation:   "command" in a sentence
Noun: command  ku'mãnd
  1. An authoritative direction or instruction to do something
    - bid, bidding, dictation 
  2. A military unit or region under the control of a single officer 
  3. The power or authority to command
    "an admiral in command" 
  4. Availability for use
    "the materials at the command of the potters grew" 
  5. A position of highest authority
    "the corporation has just undergone a change in command" 
  6. Great skilfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity
    "a good command of French"
    - control, mastery 
  7. (computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program
    - instruction, statement, program line
Verb: command  ku'mãnd
  1. Be in command of
    "The general commanded a huge army" 
  2. Make someone do something
    - require 
  3. Demand as one's due
    "This speaker commands a high fee"; "The author commands a fair hearing from his readers" 
  4. Look down on
    - dominate, overlook, overtop 
  5. Exercise authoritative control or power over
    "Command the military forces"
    - control

Derived forms: commanding, commands, commanded

See also: commandant, commander, commandment

Type of: accessibility, authorisation [Brit], authority, authorization, availability, availableness, code, computer code, demand, dominance, dominate, enjoin, exact, force, handiness, lie, master, military force, military group, military unit, order, position, potency, say, say-so, skilfulness [Brit, Cdn], skillfulness [N. Amer], speech act, status, tell

Part of: computer program, computer programme [Brit], program, programme [Brit, Cdn]

Encyclopedia: Command, Control, and Communication Command, Control and Communications Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Command Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence Command, control and communication Command, control and communications Command, control, communications and intelligence Command, control, and communications Command, control, communications

AmE / noun [C]

(IT )

an instruction given to a computer:

Use the 'ls' command to get a list of the files on the disk.

[Control systems]
"An independent signal in a feedback control system, from which the dependent signals are controlled in a predetermined manner."


1. The authority that a commander in the armed forces lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtue of rank or assignment.
Command includes the authority and responsibility for effectively using available resources and for planning the employment of, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling military forces for the accomplishment of assigned missions.
It also includes responsibility for health, welfare, morale, and discipline of assigned personnel.
2. An order given by a commander; that is, the will of the commander expressed for the purpose of bringing about a particular action.
3. A unit or units, an organization, or an area under the command of one individual.
Also called CMD.
See also area command; combatant command; combatant command (command authority).
(JP 1)

1. In computer operations, the group of selected pulses or other signals that cause the computer to execute a step in its program.
2. Instruction.


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  1. it seems unlikely to command a consensus.
  2. the hill commands a fine distant view.
  3. your quiet hard work will command respect.
  4. his request is in the nature of a command.
  5. where on earth is fighter command?

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